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Beaumanor Hall 2016

The Year 9 Prefect and Mentor Team from South Charnwood High School visited Beaumanor Hall on Tuesday the 6th of September 2016. The purpose of the trip was to take part in a day of team building and challenges in order to familiarise themselves with other members of the 2016/2017 team, develop their confidence and gain an initial understanding of their role as School Prefects and Mentors.


The Prefect and Mentoring Programme at South Charnwood High School is run to provide pupils in Year 9 with the opportunity to take a more responsible and active role in school life and help the new Year 7 pupils settle into school life during their first year here. Pupils are given thorough training on how to be a supportive and proactive peer mentor in order to help their mentee in the best way possible.


This year we have created a new role for Year 10 Lead Mentors. This is in order to support and assist their mentees from last year and additionally support the new prefects and mentor team during this current academic year. We know that our mentees greatly appreciated the support they received and are keen to continue seeing their Year 10 mentor.


Please take a look at the photographs from the trip; the pupils conducted themselves beautifully and were a credit to themselves, the team and South Charnwood High School.


Please ask about the Prefect and Mentoring Programme on our Open Evening if you require any further information.

Miss Zarins/ Mrs Saker