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another year of GCSE success


South Charnwood pupils have again produced an incredible set of GCSE results. Numerous pupils smashed their target grades with a quarter achieving at least three grade A's.


In the newly reformed and more rigorous English and Maths examinations, 14% of our pupils achieved either grade 8 and/or grade 9 (highest grades possible). Special mention to Josh Iyalla, who achieved grade 9 in English language, English Literature and Mathematics - one of only 2000 pupils in the country, as well as 5 A*s and 2 A's!!


Many parents were quite rightly proud of their child’s results and one said "A very big thank you to the teachers at South Charnwood for supporting our daughter (and us!!) through her exams.  The results she has come away with today are fantastic and we are extremely proud of her. I think she is proud of herself too!"


We are extremely proud of all of our year 11 pupils who thoroughly deserved their successes today. With such dedication and perseverance we have no doubt they will continue to do themselves proud in all of their chosen future pathways. Well done from the staff at Charny - best wishes.

Other pupils who did fantastically include:

Rosie Moore (Grade 9 in English Lang & Lit, Grade 8 in Maths, 4 A*s & 3 A's)
Henry Smith (Grade 9 in Maths, Grade 8 in English Lang & Lit, 4 A*s & 3 A's)
Euan Pattinson (Grade 9 in Maths, Grade 8 in English Lit, 4 A*s & 2 A's)
Joel Cranefield (Grade 8 in English Lang & Maths, 4 A*s & 3 A's)
Elena Morey (Grade 9 in English Lang, Grade 8 in Maths, 2 A*s & 5 A's)
Evie Robinson (Grade 9 in English Lit, Grade 8 in English Lang & Maths, 1 A* & 4 A's)
Thomas Dayman (Grade 8 in Maths, 3 A*s & 4 A's)
Courtney Hill (Grade 8 in Maths, 2 A*s & 4 A's)
Joanna Harrold (Grade 8 in English Lang & Lit & 7 A's)
Sophie Kwok (Grade 8 in Maths & 7 A's)
Cameron Sheehan (Grade 8 in Maths & 6 A's)
Daniel Beal (Grade 8 in English Lang, 1 A* & 3 A's)
Kayley Faulkes (Grade 8 in English Lang, 1 A* & 2 A's)
Olivia Tregaskis (2 A*s & 4 A's)
Emily Finlayson (3 A*s & 3 A's)
Cameron Drexler (1 A* & 4 A's including 100% in his RMT written exam!)
Rebecca Underwood (7 A's)
Billy Mallon (6 A's)
Hannah Robinson (6 A's)
Rebecca Smith (5 A's)
Amira Rai (5 A's)
Dylan Evans (Grade 8 in Maths & 1 A)
Ella Rowley (Grade 9 in English Lit)