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School Closures


All parents should have received a letter informing them of the arrangements should the school have to be closed in an emergency, most likely because of bad weather. (Please contact the school office if you do not have this)

As a vast majority of our pupils come to school by bus, we must take into consideration the feasibility of buses being able to access the school. Therefore, if we do not think the buses can get through safely, the school will be closed, as the health and safety of pupils is paramount.

If a decision is taken to close the school early in the morning:

  • A text message will be sent via Parentpay (to all parents registered).
  • The school website will display a message on the home page.
  • The school telephone system will have a recorded message.


In the event that pupils have been able to come to school in the morning, but the school is forced to close early because of snow, the arrangements are as follows:

  1. Pupils should follow the instructions given on the first page of their Pupil Organiser under “Emergency Instructions”. Parents must ensure that this section is complete and that their child understands exactly what to do and where to go.  
  2. We will send a text message to all parents who have registered with the school “Parentpay” system.  
  3. Once the decision to close the school has been taken, we will put a message on the school website and when the school is closed we will leave a message on the school telephone system.

It is impossible for the school to telephone every parent to inform them of early closure so please ensure your child knows exactly what to do in this event.