Encouraging excellence, valuing people

Build Your Business, Build Our Future

South Charnwood United Business Alliance (SCUBA) aims to strengthen relationships between businesses in our local community, as well as providing the opportunity to build links with our school. We strive to create key bonds between local businesses that will eventually lead to strong business and links to help our students with their career paths post sixteen.

Previous Events

We have held several business networking events in the past year. They were all very successful and the attendees and students all benefited from it.

“They were absolutely fantastic, really engaging, lots of interesting questions”

- Ian Guyler, Business Consultant


“It makes me more self-aware of what qualities you need to really develop your businesses”

- Hana Pearson, Pupil at SCHS


“Our objective here is to let people know what we do because kids at schools don’t know, and they’ve got loads of questions, so it’s fantastic”


- Ian Hughes, Account manager at Nicholls Colton Group Ltd



“I’ve never been to an event like this so it’s been a great opportunity to network”

Keturah Butler, Relationship Manager, SR Education