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physical education

The department aims to encourage pupils to:-

  • develop skills which help promote their physical development.
  • increase their knowledge of sports and related issues.
  • raise their awareness of health and fitness in contributing to a positive lifestyle.
  • promote the idea of fair play.

All pupils are encouraged to develop and extend skills at their own rate, gaining success and enjoyment for themselves. Participation in team games and team competitions through inter-form games and inter-school matches is also encouraged. The curriculum includes a wide range of activities; as well as traditional games, we also include such activities as gymnastics, badminton, athletics, health-related fitness, orienteering, dance and many more. Positive steps are taken to ensure equality of opportunity in all areas of our work.

Marking  and Assessment



Assessment within the P.E. department is done primarily through teacher observation and focused questioning.  The assessment process is a continuous and ongoing cycle which is formally recorded at the conclusion of each block of work (usually every half term). Progress Books are completed giving staff and pupils an opportunity to set individual pupil targets for future development.



  • To inform pupils, parents and staff of how a pupil is progressing in relation to the National Curriculum.
  • To allow the opportunity for individual targets to be set to help pupils.
  • To provide a means of monitoring and evaluating the P.E. curriculum, to inform future planning and development for both the pupils and the department.


QCA units have been selected to provide a variety of activities across the Key Stages.  Each unit has clearly stated learning objectives and expectations that pupils aim to achieve by the end of the unit. Finally an overall grade (1-5) is given. Using this assessment data it is then possible to give one overall level of attainment, thus allowing maximum opportunity to show progress or to highlight lack of progress.



Due to the unique nature of Physical Education assessment it  is vitally important that a process of moderation is carried out.  Internal moderation is done as part of departmental meetings, where there is a forum to share information on individual pupil progress. In order for pupils to be made aware of their assessment grades and the areas in which they need to improve, pupils will be given their assessment and a personal target verbally at the end of the lessons and units.


Marking Policy

Due to the nature of Physical Education the department does not complete any formal marking.  All assessment is completed through a combination of teacher observations and focused questioning.



The PE Department also offers GCSE Physical Education to our Key Stage 4 pupils. They can opt to take this full two year course in addition to their core PE lessons.