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Pupils working from home

Work for absent pupils
For pupils in Key Stage 3 - please click the link below for each subject to find relevant information
For pupils in Key Stage 4 - please access your work through your classes on Google Classroom  


As well as accessing the work here, please check your Google Classroom regularly for updates/assignments from your ADT teachers.



All work is on Google Classroom

Year 7 - refer to the folder entitled 'Self-isolation work - Frankenstein'

Year 8 - refer to the folder entitled 'Self-isolation work - His Dark Materials'  

Year 9 - refer to the folder entitled 'Self-isolation work - Game Over'


All work (Lessons) for KS3 and KS4 Computing/Computer Science will be set on Google classroom.


Year 7 - Complete the 3 tasks on the powerpoint.

Year 8 - Read the powerpoint on the Gurdwara and complete the task.  Also do the webquest task in the Sikhism word document.
Year 9 -  Work through the powerpoint on utilitarianism and use the word document titled utilitarianism info to help you with the main task
Year 10 - For both the full course and the non examined groups please email your teacher for work.

EE Lockdown Learning

EE are offering eligible pupils or their parents and carers unlimited mobile data to support their learning each month till July 2021. 
Please click on the image below for further information and to read the terms and conditions.

Supporting pupils who are working from home


In July, we sent a questionnaire to all pupils. From the replies, we have compiled a list of tips which may be useful to you. Click below to read them.


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Remote Learning Approach - Information for parents