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France 2022

On a beautifully bright and very early Monday morning in June we gathered in the bus park eager for our trip to France to officially begin. All the correct Covid Pass/PCR test documentation was presented and that in itself was cause for celebration ! For many of our pupils it was their first school trip away from parents. Our journey to Dover was quick and quiet as I think we all took the opportunity to catch up on some sleep.


The pupils profited from their French experience and got involved in every language speaking activity. Once again market stall proprietors, museum staff, the café owner and the staff at the château, where we stayed, all remarked on how well mannered and cheerful our pupils were. The battlefield sites and museum day will really help to bring their Year 9 History lessons to life.


In the evenings the children excelled in their evening activities with their leaders which gave us staff 90 minutes of recharging our batteries! We then all gathered before bedtime in the late evening sunshine to play multiple sports games (simultaneously !!) on our lawn or play card games or watch Miss Crayfourd and myself  create dance routines to Spice Girls songs or take advantage of the peace and quiet of the dorms.


It was an amazing trip and one that we, as a staff team, all enjoyed thanks to the lovely children we took.


Mrs Anderson, Mrs Riley, Miss Crayfourd, Mrs Estill, Mr Stephenson and Mr Morris 


Here are some of the comments from your children:


I loved the French trip. I liked how it was fun but also educating my favourite part was going to Disneyland but also I liked trying all the foods that originated in France like when we went to the French cafe. We were all so lucky that Miss  Anderson put this lovely trip together so thank you for a very memorable experience.


I really enjoyed the trip. The market activity was very fun and exploring and Disney land was amazing. It was nice to see  French culture and try foods I’ve never tasted before. I would gladly go again!


What I really liked about my time on the French trip was when we'd come back from a day out and rest in our rooms because it'd give me enough time to talk and laugh with my friends!


The 2022 french trip went pretty well. The staff there are excellent and helpful, also the staff at school are too. We also participated in some fun activities. Also we were taught loads of interesting facts about France. In my opinion, I think this trip was “amusant”.