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IRIS Cosmic Mining Project

Delve into stellar research.


Analyse data to uncover stars forming and fading in our galaxy and beyond, helping scientists uncover the history of our Universe.

The James Webb telescope will be launched into space later this year (2021) - it will be the largest, most powerful and complex space telescope ever built and launched into space.

IRIS Research is running a project where physics students could help astronomers to identify potential targets for the James Webb telescope.  This involves the use of real data that has never been analysed by scientists before, and if anything is identified then students could go on to be credited in scientific papers/literature with contributing to new discoveries.

A group of South Charnwood Year 11 pupils are taking part. To contribute, students are asked to analyse data from a previous infrared mission - the Spitzer Space telescope.  This involves looking at and categorising spectroscopy graphs, to help scientists decide what they should use the James Webb telescope to look at more closely, and inform future research into our universe.