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Ski Trip 2020

Photographs & updates from the SCHS ski trip January 2020

Saturday 11th 

Landed safely, all skiers safe and sound and ready for the last leg. Some slept on the journey (staff included). Hopefully some will sleep on the coach too. Arrived at the hotel and now tucking into lunch. Pupils are all in good spirits lack of sleep hasn't affected their spirits!

Sunday 12th 

All skiers in ski school, learning the basics. It has been a busy morning and putting ski boots on has been a learning curve for all. All hoping that becomes faster as the days go on! All smiling and happy this Sunday morning.

Sunday 12th 


A fantastic 1st day skiing. All South Charnwood pupils have smiling faces after over coming a lot of challenges. Our top group has made it on to a lift and can now ski in and ski out of the hotel! Very impressed and proud members of staff. 

Monday 13th


Another great day skiing, with two groups now skiing in and out of the hotel! Huge progress made by all. Tonight we played team charades. All pupils enjoying skiing and developing their social skills.

Tuesday 14th 

Afternoon ski time. 2 groups skiing straight from hotel mountains.

Wednesday 15th

Early morning skiing with Miss Smith's group.

Wednesday 15th

Early morning skiing with Mr Coyne's group.

Thursday 16th

Ready for the final afternoon Skiing after eating pizza for lunch.

Thursday 16th

Final night and quiz night is in full throw.

Friday 17th

All checked in at Turin airport and ready to board the plane.