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Big Bang Fair

The Big Bang Fair is a fantastic occasion  bringing together companies from around the country, in a variety of industries. Pupils were able to undertake a variety of activities including but not limited to the following:


  • Fire ‘radioactive’ nerf gun sponge bullets at targets in learning about radioactivity.
  • Use state of the art microscopes to observe a variety of substances and living things in more detail.
  • Play with augmented virtual reality software to understand how it would aid the industry.
  • Learn about the history of anaesthesia.
  • Build sustainable model structures to understand more about the importance of conserving the natural world.
  • Take part in ‘live’ CPR of human dummies to understand the role of a paramedic in an ambulance.
  • Interact with software used by Spec Savers to learn more about how they produce bespoke glasses.


Watch this space if you have a son or daughter coming into year 9 next year, the Big Bang Fair will be back!


Mr Tang

Head of Science.