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General Information

Below you will find a list of topics, general information and letters to parents. Please click on the appropriate blue text to be taken to further information.


If you cannot find the advice you are looking for please do not hesitate to contact the school office with your query.

Accelerated Reading - A Parents Guide

Anti Bullying - Further information

Black Lives Matter - A Parents Guide

Child Sexual Exploitation - Further information

Definition of Disability - Further information

E-Safety - Advice on safe use of the internet 

Exam information - Important information for all parents of year 11 pupils

Exclusions - This statement on exclusions is written with regard to the DfE publication ’Exclusion from maintained schools, academies and pupil referral units in England’ (September 2017):


The school reserves the right to use exclusion as the final sanction in its Behaviour Policy. Please note, in the absence of the Headteacher, the right to exclude is delegated to either a Deputy Headteacher or the Assistant Headteacher. For serious breaches of school rules, the school may exclude a pupil as an appropriate sanction. For persistent offences, the school will use exclusion as a justifiable means of attempting to modify pupils’ behaviour, usually when other interventions have been exhausted. The school is committed to keeping the number of school days missed to a minimum but for repeat exclusions it is usual for the number of days to be increased each time. After three separate exclusions for any one pupil, the school makes every attempt to arrange for the pupil and parents to be seen by the Governors’ Disciplinary Committee who reinforce the high expectations of the school and enquire as to whether they can be of any assistance in ensuring good behaviour in the future. The school works closely with the Hinckley and Bosworth Behaviour Partnership (HBEP) who provide more in-school support for pupils at risk of exclusion.


First Response - Report neglect or abuse of a child

Free School Meals - Advice on eligibility of free school meals.

Go4schools - To view your child's progress online.

Guidance on infection control in school - Advice from the public health agency on pupil absence after illness.

Healthy Together - NHS confidential advice service for parents, carers and children .

Holiday Absence Form - form for parents.  

Home to School LCC Transport Policy

Medicine Consent Form - Please print and complete when sending medication of any kind to school.

Parentpay - Our school to parent messaging system & cashless system

Parents' Evenings. Click here to book your appointments.

School Closures.  

School Nursing Service - Information on the school nursing service.

Uniform - All relevant uniform information.


Turn On The Subtitles - National Campaign

No one would doubt the importance of learning to read so we  want to share details of a national campaign: 'Turn on the Subtitles'. Literally, there is research which suggests turning on the subtitles can help improve reading skills whilst children are watching TV . Stephen Fry explains the benefits in more detail above. Even if it just helps children to recognise more words, expand their vocabulary or show the pronunciation of unfamiliar words, we think it's worth a try! 

Helpful links to external websites

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GCSE POD Parent Toolkit

GCSE pod parent toolkit has been designed for parents to easily share top tips to support students outside of the classroom. The toolkit contains ‘how-to guides’ for logging into GCSEPod, using Check & Challenge, Learning Activities, ‘Getting Ready’ resources and building Playlists.


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