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Career conversations

South Charnwood High School are taking part in a pilot scheme with the Careers and Enterprise Company. The idea behind this is to help parents discuss and discover more about jobs, education options, apprenticeships and T levels with their children by providing 'conversation starters'.


1. What are your favourite subjects? Do you know any jobs related to those subjects? Explore this site to see where your child’s favourite subjects could take them.

2. What positive impact would you like to have in a future job? (e.g. helping others, giving back to your community, creating something beautiful, cheering people up, protecting the environment)? Don’t forget to share what you (parent!) care most about too.

3. Which of your interests or skills do you think will help you most in your career? Try this fun quiz or this long quiz to help your child discover their skills and interests. Not sure what your strengths are? Talk to your teachers or careers advisor!

4. "My path has included _____ (education, apprenticeship, university, work, homemaking etc). Is there anything that surprises you or you want to know more about?"

5. How much do you know about the routes you can take after age 16: A-levels and further education (college) options like T-levels, apprenticeships, or traineeships? See what’s available here or watch this video. 

Talking Futures contains valuable information which will help you to discuss jobs and careers with your child.