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Asymptomatic Covid Testing

of Pupils  (8th-11th March)


  1. Park in turning circle or bus park no earlier than 10 minutes BEFORE your appointment.
  2. Pupil ONLY to go to the door leading to back stairs up to the school hall to be registered.
  3. Register, take test and leave the testing area via the stairs down to Mr Morris' office.
  4. Return immediately to your parent/carer to go home.
  5. Continue Home Learning until the return date to come back to school.



All parents should have received an email outlining the arrangements for pupils' return to school.


To summarise:

  • Pupils to be tested for Covid using Lateral Flow Tests on three occasions spaced 3-5 days apart. (Parent consent needed - please complete the form asap)
  • Pupils to be tested for Covid BEFORE face to face teaching can begin. This will take place between 8th-11th March. (Pupils should be tested in school via an appointment then go home to continue home learning.)
  • Year 11 to return to school for teaching on Thursday 11th March.
  • ALL pupils to return to school for teaching on Friday 12th March.


     ALL Year 11 pupils and pupils in 10MM, 10HS & 10NOC only

 ALL Year 8 pupils and pupils in 7SB, 7JH & 7MS only 


ALL Year 9 pupils and pupils in 10AA, 10RF & 10SS only

  Pupils in 7AC, 7LC & 7JK only

FAQs return to school week beginning 8th March 2021

Does my child have to have a test?

No, tests are voluntary not mandatory.


Does my child have to wear a face covering in school?

When all pupils return to school, arrangements will be the same as they were before Christmas.  This means that pupils should wear their masks whenever they are moving around the school and even when they are outside, unless they are eating and drinking.  However, a new instruction from the Government is that pupils should wear face masks in class for a temporary period of time up until Easter because they cannot socially distance.

We may ask pupils to release their masks using the ear strap in order to answer questions.  This is particularly to help staff who have hearing difficulties.


Will my child be allowed to attend school if I do not consent to testing?

Yes. Pupils have the right to attend school even if they do not consent to the test.


Will those pupils who are not tested be kept separate from those who are tested?

No. The Government have not specified any requirement for this.


My child has tested positive for Coronavirus. Will he/she have to be tested in school?

No. We will follow the guidelines from the Government regarding the 90-day rule.


Will my child be allowed to stay in school on the day they have their first test?

If there is no other alternative, then pupils can stay in school on the day of their first test.


What are the arrangements for pupils in receipt of free school meals?

An email has been sent to parents/carers of eligible pupils asking them to order a food parcel for the w/b 8th March if required.


Can I accompany my child when they have their test?

No. Please stay in the car and wait for your child to return from their test. 


Can I test my child at home?

No. The first 3 tests for pupils will be done in school.  After that pupils will be tested at home.


If my child is in school for the day on the day of their test, should I still make an appointment?

Yes please. This will help us with our organisation.



Is the dining hall open?

The dining hall will be open, as normal, starting on Friday 12th March.  Up to that point all pupils in school should bring a packed lunch.


How many times will my child be tested?

Three times in school then home testing after that.


What is happening to the buses?

Buses will run as normal from Monday 8th March.


Will pupils still be in their year group bubbles?

Yes. Break and lunch times will be staggered. All arrangements return to those in place prior to Christmas.


Can I bring my children from different year groups at the same time to be tested?

No. This would compromise the year group bubbles.


Do I still come in my PE kit if I have PE on that day?

Yes. Just like before Christmas.


What if I have a college interview (Year 11s)?

We will arrange somewhere for this to take place in school.


Does my child have to wear school uniform if only coming to school for a test?

No. Pupils coming to school ONLY for a test, and then going home, do not need to wear school uniform.


Letters sent to pupils regarding returning to school: