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Parent Signposting

Please find links and information below giving advice on how to support your child's wellbeing.

We also have a page dedicated to Pupil Wellbeing, and Coronavirus Support which may offer further advice. 

Click below for a digital wellbeing guidebook for parents and children. 


Teen Mental health - A Guide for Parents

 A place for you to explore, learn, be inspired and empowered to   support your family. Come along and discover FREE content   covering topics such as family wellbeing, teen wellbeing and   parenting.


 Empower Education has developed the Hub in response to   #COVID19; they have recognised the detrimental effect of the   pandemic on families and their mental health.



To report worrying online content to the Samaritans click below

During these unprecedented times, it can be difficult to keep on top of self-care and self-love. Life can start to feel like it's getting on top us, negatively impacting our mental health and wellbeing. No one is really alone. We all can do something to support each other

  Emotional and Mental Wellbeing Support
  Do not feel like you are alone, many people struggle with mental health and      can relate to what you are going through. Speak to a friend or a family           

  member or someone you can confide in. There are free services like the   

  Samaritans where you can speak to them about what you are struggling   


Personal development/ learning about yourself

Learning about yourself and learning how to improve can make a big difference to how you feel day to day. Learning about yourself gives you greater self awareness, understanding the things that put you in a bad mood and the things that make you feel good. This can help you include more of the good activities that you enjoy in your day and reduce the activities that make

                            you feel negative.

Planning and Preparation

A lot of stress can be reduced just by having a plan and a routine. Giving yourself extra minutes of thinking space can really make a big difference. A lot of us are going through the days planning as we go which can be very difficult for some of us. However, simply having a plan before the start for day can set your intentions and your goals and can provide you with a lot more direction.


 Eating a good balanced diet makes more of a difference to how you feel   than you would think. Just skipping breakfast can lead to a bad day, and   how many of us do that! Having a healthy balanced diet gives you   everything you need, making your body feel better but also your mind.


  The links between physical fitness and mental health are well established.   

  Keeping fit and exercising can boost your moods massively. Do not feel like    you have to start big! Start small, maybe a 5 minute jog a day or even some    star jumps! There are also online classes which in the current climate are   

  now more available.