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After School Revision Year 11

Please sign up to revision sessions on a weekly basis by clicking the appropriate week's button below.


  • Sign-up for each week is only open between the dates shown.
  • Pupils must be logged into their SCHS Google account to use the sign up forms   
  • Please do not attend without 'signing up' via the links below. 
  • Sessions are all held 3.15 - 4.15pm within school.

The school reserves the right to exclude any pupils from after school revision classes that have not consistently met the attitude towards learning or behaviour expectations within the school.


 Timetable week 1, Tuesday, starting 27th September

 (Note: Tuesday 29th Nov session has been cancelled)  

Chemistry base knowledge Any Y11 Chemistry pupil

 Timetable week 2, Monday, starting 3rd October 

Physics base knowledge Any Y11 Physics pupil

 Timetable week 1, Thursday, starting 13th October

Biology base knowledge Y11 Triple Science pupils

 Timetable week 2, Thursday, starting 22nd September   The class on Thursday 10th November has been   moved to Monday 7th November.   

Biology base knowledge Y11 Combine Science pupils
Business Studies  Timetable week 1 & 2, Monday, starting October 24th Unit 3.1 Please see Miss Smith 



  1.  Mon 10th Oct
  2. Thurs 13th Oct
  3. Mon 24th Oct
  4. Thurs 27th Oct
  5. Mon 31st Oct
  6. Thurs 3rd Nov
  7. Mon 7th Nov
  8. Thurs 10th Nov 
  1. Structure and function of the CV system
  2. Structure and function of the respiratory system
  3. An/Aerobic exercise
  4. ST effects of exercise
  5. LT effects of exercise
  6. Levers
  7. Planes and axes
  8. Principles of training

Any Y11 GCSE PE Student

All revision sessions are in room E6 at lunchtime.

Health & Social Care

 Tuesday 6th & Wednesday 14th December

Revision session

All H&SC pupils


Week 13

28 nov - 2 dec 

Timetable week 1

Sign up open from 21st - 25th November

Week 14

5 - 9 december 

Timetable week 2

Sign up open from 28th November - 2nd December

Week 15

12 - 16 december 

Timetable week 1

Sign up open from 5th - 9th December