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After School Revision Year 11

Please sign up to revision sessions on a weekly basis by clicking the appropriate week's button below.


  • Pupils must be logged into their SCHS Google account to use the sign up forms   
  • Sessions are all held 3.15 - 4.15pm within school.

Study Room in the Library


The library will be open after school until 4pm every Monday through to Thursday for year 11 pupils only. This is for independent, self-supported study for those who want to use it as a quiet study space, or to use the chrome books. Please note, there are no buses, so if you sign up please ensure you have organised a method of safe travel home.


The school reserves the right to exclude any pupils from after school revision classes that have not consistently met the attitude towards learning or behaviour expectations within the school.

  1. Thurs 21st Sept 

  2. Thurs 28th Sept 

  3. Thurs 5th Oct  

  4. Thurs 12th Oct 

  5. Thurs 26th Oct 

  6. Thurs 2nd Nov

  7. Thurs 9th Nov

  8. Thurs 16th Nov

  1. Planes and axes
  2. Aerobic and anaerobic exercise

  3. Structure and function of the circulatory system

  4. Fitness components and testing

  5. Movement and analysis

  6. Functions of skeleton and 6 mark *questions

  7. Muscular system

  8. Types and principles of training

 Y11 Pupils invited via Parentpay

on Friday 15th September


 9th October - 27th November

 Focus on paper 1

All Y11 pupils welcome

CHEMISTRY  10th October - 28th November  Focus on paper 1 All Y11 pupils welcome
PHYSICS  3rd October - 5th December  Focus on paper 1 All Y11 pupils welcome

 Independent Study in

 the Library

 Both weeks, Monday - Thursday 3.05 - 4 pm 

 Independent, self-supported study

(Please see above)

 Year 11 pupils