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Careers Provision



Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

Year 7

  • Basic budgeting (work related learning tutor time activity)
  • Trading trainers (work related learning/finance unit) PDC
  • STEM visit to Loughborough University

Year 8

  • Money Matters/spending sense (PDC unit)
  • Careers/STEM NHS unit (tutor time)
  • Careers Unit using ‘Start’
  • Speed Networking Event – opportunity to meet real employers/employees.
  • STEM visit to Loughborough University

Year 9

  • SWOT analysis.
  • Careers investigation – JED
  • Prospects session with each tutor group. (Independent careers advisor running session 1:1)
  • Prospects  careers interview – SEN & PP pupils + those with attitude/behaviour concerns.
  • Subject and careers ideas sheets for option choices.
  • How do I make choices (Tutor time Game cards)
  • STEM visit (50 pupils) Engineering. 
  • Option Evening with Prospects careers advisor available to support.
  • 1:1 interview with SLT member re pathways and options.
  • Careers speed networking event for all pupils – opportunity to meet real employers/employees. Pupils complete action plan re careers post this event.
  • National Careers Week (March)
  • Tenner challenge – offered to whole year.
  • University Experience Day.
  • Assembly from Apprenticeship provider.

Year 10

  • Information about different qualifications – level 1/2/3 and differences between FE colleges and upper schools via assemblies/form tutors/KJ/HoY.
  • Short JED revisit and careers unit.
  • Finance unit (PDC)
  • Oxbridge talks for G&T pupils.
  • Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award.
  • SCUBA Business Ambassadors recruited: interviewed by previous ambassadors. Three meetings organised by ambassadors.
  • National Careers Week.
  • 1:1 Prospects interview to support PP/those with attitude/behaviour/attendance concerns.
  • CV written with support from tutors.
  • Business Enterprise and Consumerism (PDC Unit)
  • SCUBA Meeting: Ambassadors to host.
  • Year 10 pupils complete post 16 intention form.
  • Introduction to PS16.
  • Personal statement to be completed by end of the year.
  • SCUBA Meeting: Ambassadors to host.

Year 11

  • Post 16 Progression Evening – attendance
    from Local schools/colleges/Apprenticeship
  • Year 11 Parents evening/booklet for all pupils containing post 16 pathway information.
  • Pupils complete record of achievement.
  • 1:1 Prospects interview for every pupil
    focused on post 16 pathway/application (30
  • Year 11 apply for post 16 pathway through
    PS16. Support through Prospects. 
  • Year 11 mock interviews and interview advice/revision skills/motivational speakers in Year 11 conference.
  • Assemblies re Apprenticeships from ‘The Apprenticeship Hub’/colleges.
  • On-going assemblies/tutor information re courses/levels/how to choose a pathway.
  • Work and Enterprise Quiz book (Tutor time)
  • National Careers Week
  • Apprenticeship Group work session – awareness of applying through websites.
  • School leaver vacancies.
  • Checking Destination data. 
  • Year 11 college interviews.
  • Potential NEET interviews with Prospects Advisor.
  • Results Day: Destination form completed.
  • Prospects Advisor to attend results day to give immediate advice to those pupils who have not gained a place on their preferred destination pathway.
  • NCS volunteering offered.

South Charnwood High Schools Careers Leader is Mrs K. Juszkiewicz. To get in touch with her please use the form on the Contact Us page marking your message for her attention.


  • School website has a dedicated careers area with links to useful careers advice. 
  • Information re post 16 provider open days provided via tutors and noticeboards around school. 
  • Various activities and events organised on top of the above – STEM days/Big Bang event/Careers Speed Networking/Speakers in assemblies/input from
    Apprenticeship Hub/assemblies from local colleges. 
  • Labour Market info provided at Yr 11 Parents Information Evening, also via email to all yr 9/10/11 parents. 
  • Business ambassadors recruited for SCUBA initiative in Yr 10. Yr 11 Business ambassadors to mentor and cascade skills gained.
  • Impact and efficacy of CEIAG provision is monitored by Destination Data KPI and pupil surveys.