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Labour Market Information


We work with LLEP (Leicester and Leicestershire Enterprise Partnership) and we are developing our links with the Enterprise Advisor Network to inform South Charnwood High School pupils about the world of work and the local labour market.

Leicester and Leicestershire have strong national and global connections offering a variety of thriving industries in sectors such as advanced manufacturing and engineering, professional services, business and finance, food and drink manufacturing, creative industries and textiles.  It also has a thriving tourism and hospitality sector as well as a growing space industry.  Many large businesses have a base in the area such as IBM, Amazon, Next, Santander and 3M to name a few, generating fabulous career opportunities.

With approximately a 1 million population, Leicester and Leicestershire have an economy worth £23 billion, which is the largest in the East Midlands.  It has 17,430 skilled graduates entering into the workforce each year and with nearly 500,000 jobs and 42,000 registered businesses, this area is a great place to start and develop a career.

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District Snapshots

District snapshot guides summarise information about key local employers across the city of Leicester and each of the seven districts of Leicestershire.


Each snapshot summarises:

  • General population information 
  • Key sectors
  • Most advertised jobs 
  • Numbers of businesses
  • Local schools and colleges
  • NVQ levels
  • Average earnings
  • Employer skills needs
  • Key local employers – those with either very high turnover or those who recruit a lot of people

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Want to find out more about the most in-demand skills, jobs, and sectors in your area? Download the Skills Gap Trend Report by clicking the image below.