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Pupil Voice 

What are the goals of Pupil Voice?

Pupil Voice is at the heart of South Charnwood High School.  We ensure that all pupils have the opportunity to be heard; that all pupils have the opportunity to communicate their thoughts and feelings, and to have their views respected.  Through this, we hope that pupils will become more actively involved in positively affecting change in our school community, and develop their understanding of democracy.

We aim to encourage and foster respect for the rights of all pupils; to celebrate diversity within our school community; and to empower pupils to bring about visible, tangible changes in any aspects of school life that they feel need to be changed.

How do we achieve these goals?

Each year, every tutor group is able to nominate up to two pupils to be members of the Pupil Voice team.  Pupils must nominate themselves, and each tutor group must vote if the nominations are contested.

So, is it only the members of Pupil Voice who have a voice?

No, not at all!  Just like in a democracy, the representatives on Pupil Voice will share and debate ideas on the behalf of their peers and tutor groups.

When a decision needs to be made, all pupils are given the opportunity to vote and have their voices heard.  Every voice matters.

Every Voice Matters