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Pupil Voice 


What is pupil voice?

  • Pupil voice is a chance for you and your form/peers to have a contribution to your school life.
  • This could be anything from; rewards systems, ‘green’ issues, litter, water fountains, wet break times, doing charity work, discos/parties, corridor displays, school trips. (These are just a few!)

Suitable candidates

  • Can you listen to others?
  • Have you got some great ideas that will help improve school life?
  • Can you stand up for others?
  • Do you think you can make a positive change?

What we can offer you

  • We can offer a platform for you to have your say!
  • We will listen to your ideas and discuss them.
  • We will have regular meetings that will either check progress or discuss new ideas or issues that we can put in place.

Is this you?

  • We need two reps from each form.
  • If you would like to be a part of the pupil voice team then please take a stand for your from.
  • If there are more than two members from  the form who wish to be a part of the team then a vote will need to take place. The candidates will need to tell the form why they would be the best person for the job!

For more information please contact Miss Flewitt

The Pupil Voice Team were recently asked to describe their role here at South Charnwood High School:


"Pupil Voice gives us a chance to say what we think about our education and we have the opportunity to contribute ideas about how the school could be further improved."


"Pupil Voice is a group of pupils elected to represent their form groups. It is our job to give feedback regarding our lessons and the learning environment we experience at South Charnwood."


The Pupil Voice team represent the whole school and we regularly help raise money for different charities. Last year we raised money to help people in Rwanda and we also took part in an International Week"