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gcse Exam information


From Monday 13 May 2019 - Wednesday 26 June 2019 is GCSE Exams period.  All  year 11 pupils MUST remain available during this period.

Holidays can be taken during the May half term and after the 26th June.

GCSE Certificate Collection - 2018 leavers

Certificates will be available from Monday 19th November 2018 - please arrange collection (see below for instructions) prior to arriving at school. Note: These are official documents and should be kept safely.

Please ring the Exams Officer on 01530 242351 OR enquire at Reception OR email exams@southcharnwood.org to arrange collection. Certificates will not always be available on demand. We are obliged to hold certificates for 12 months. It is important that you understand that certificates are one-off documents which are not reproduced by an awarding body; awarding bodies require Exam Centres to hold certificates for one year, after which they are to be disposed of according to the awarding bodies' instructions, they are not retained by either the School or the awarding body beyond one year. After 12 months they are disposed of, at that point, you are still able to acquire a 'Certifying Statement of Results' (which looks very much like a certificate) but to do so you would have to apply to each awarding body directly. Each awarding body will charge to search and print the statements, so it is important that you arrange to collect your certificates. 


If you would like a third party to collect your certificates, we will require a signed letter from you giving your permission for the nominated person to collect your certificates on your behalf. The nominated person MUST bring photo ID with them.