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South Charnwood High School

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Drama is taught as a specialist subject to all pupils. In Year 7, pupils follow an intensive, 6 week course as part of the ADT carousel. Year 7 pupils undertake three units of work that focus on developing their story telling skills by examining a series of literary stimuli ranging from Myths and Legends to Shakespeare. In Year 8 & 9 pupils have one lesson of Drama each week in which they follow a carefully designed curriculum designed to broaden their knowledge of social issues as well as prepare them for the standard of performance required to be successful at GCSE.

Marking and Assessment

At Key Stage 3, pupils are required to plan, create and perform a devised piece of Drama for assessment once every half term. Teacher feedback is given verbally throughout the process and formal targets are given to pupils after every assessed performance. As there are no formal level descriptors for Drama in the National Curriculum Framework, pupils are assessed against the levels devised by The Arts Council.


Pupils will develop their knowledge of performance and of the theatre through a specially developed program of study. Pupils will be able to build upon the knowledge already gained in Key Stage 3, through an exciting and innovative scheme of work which will challenge and inspire them. In addition to performance skills, pupils will also have the opportunity to develop their knowledge of the technical side of theatre production and begin to develop directorial skills.

Marking and Assessment 

At Key Stage 4, most of the assessments are practical; there is no written exam. However, pupils will be required to keep a written log of their practical work in the form of a documentary response which is marked and graded against the criteria set out by Edexcel. There are three formal exams to be taken during Year 11 in which pupils complete three practical exams and three documentary responses. 

Drama Detailed Subject Information