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Physical Education


When pupils leave SCHS we want them to be Fit4LIFE. This means pupils should:
  • Enjoy physical activity
  • Be confident
  • Be physically healthy and active
  • Be emotionally healthy
  • Be cognitively (mentally) healthy
  • Have good social skills including empathy
  • Have a good grasp of all fundamental motor skills
  • Have developed some sport specific skills 
  • Be resilient
  • Understand the importance of continued physical activity when they leave school


The CORE PE curriculum will focus on: 
  • Blocks of work on sport specific skills – usually one sport at a time.  
  • The CORE PE timetable changes every year due to length of half terms, weather, lockdowns, facilities being used for exams and of course staff suggestions for development and improvement. Therefore, we don’t teach certain things in certain years, but instead have planned a number of progressive blocks which staff will refer to when planning lessons appropriate for their group. Staff will then choose the appropriate block to teach based on the experience and level of their group.
  • Developing skills, rules and tactics in a number of sports in order to prepare pupils effectively for GCSE PE
  • Lower ability groups may focus on a group of sports to develop more fundamental motor skills eg a striking/fielding unit to develop: hitting, throwing and catching
  • Enjoyment comes from mastery of skills but also from social games and activities, so festival weeks are included in the curriculum – a chance to put into practice what they have learnt but in a bigger and more social setting
  • Ensuring we help pupils get Fit4LIFE – our whole curriculum feeds into this however, these specific units will involve: teaching the cognitive, social, physical and emotional health benefits of physical activity, developing pupils understanding of fitness and how to improve it, developing confidence in pupils that they can keep themselves physically fit and active even without being part of a club/team when they leave school 


Measuring impact in PE is tricky when so many threads are being drawn together. However:

  • We will assess pupils according to the school policy of: Below, Towards, At, Above and Well Above on each sport and record the data on Go4schools.
  • We will also attempt (work in progress) to gather data about whether they are Fit4LIFE, at the end of each year, they will sit a short test/questionnaire so we can measure their attitude to and understanding of the importance of physical activity. 
  • At KS4, although skill development and tactical understanding are still taught, we will not measure ability in sport, only their fitness and understanding of Fit4LIFE – we must prepare everyone for their future. GCSE pupils will be prepared for their future progression through their GCSE lessons


The PE Department offers OCR GCSE Physical Education to Key Stage 4 pupils. They can opt to take this full two year course in addition to their core PE lessons. 

GCSE Detailed Subject Information


The PE Department offer several extra-curricular activities throughout the school year. To see this terms activities please click here.