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Personal Development


Our curriculum has a clear purpose and is focused around our school ethos of Encouraging Excellence, Valuing People. Our intention when delivering Personal Development is to widen the understanding of learning beyond the classroom in order to prepare our pupils to be successful adults upon leaving South Charnwood High School.

We aim to:

  1. Develop our pupils’ understanding of Personal Development and Citizenship topics. These would include, but not be limited to: British Values, Relationships, Sex and Health Education, Careers and SMSC. The purpose is to develop the appropriate subject specific knowledge, skills and understanding as set out in the 2019 RSHE guidance provided by the government, so that South Charnwood High School pupils can flourish, reach and exceed their potential academically, physically, socially and emotionally.
  2. Develop the character of our pupils. To enable learners to develop a holistic set of values that prepares them for life in the diverse, ever changing communities they are growing up in and work places they will enter. We aim to nurture key skills such as leadership, communication, resilience, adaptability and problem solving. Using all opportunities possible to allow our pupils to develop the interpersonal skills necessary for their success in the future.
  3. Develop behaviours and habits to become effective pupils. To develop the behaviours learners need to succeed in the world such as concentration, perseverance, imagination, co-operation, the enjoyment of learning, self-improvement and curiosity. 
  4. Develop the moral compass of our pupils. To understand morality in themselves and others, develop social skills and understand society, build a firm set of personal beliefs, and to engage in the community they live alongside.

At South Charnwood High School we are committed to developing the whole child, their personal development is part of our school ethos and permeates everything that we do. Particular elements of their personal development are taught explicitly through the following curriculums and activities:



The impact of our PDC curriculum is measured in the following ways:

  • Confidence checkers at the start and end of every unit
  • End of unit quizzes
  • Pupil/parent surveys completed annually
  • Pupil focus group feedback
  • Governor visit feedback

The impact of our Careers curriculum is measured by:

  • Pupil/parent surveys completed annually
  • Pupil focus group feedback
  • Governor visit feedback
  • DFE destination data

To view Personal Development sample resources for all years please click here. 


Life beyond school Managing change

1. Intro into PSHE
2. Getting to know people  
3. What is a community
4. Careers & your future
5. Sleep & relaxation
6. Financial education
7. Transition points in your life
8. LEBC Careers project

Health & wellbeing Puberty & Body Development

1. Families
2. Roles & responsibilities
3. Puberty - personal hygiene
4. Growing up & FGM
5. Assertive consent
6. Self esteem

Staying safe on & offline Staying safe on & offline

1. Avoiding gangs
2. Staying safe online
3. Online gaming & Fortnite
4. Drugs Ed - What is alcohol?
5. Drugs Ed - What is smoking?
6. Drugs Ed - Vaping & shisha
7. Drugs Ed - Energy drinks & caffeine

Relationships & sex education  Friends, respect & relationships

1. Consent and boundaries
2. Respect and relationships
3. What makes a good friend?
4. Managing friendships
5. Being positive
6. Pressure and influence
7. What it means to ‘be a man’ in 2023

Celebrating diversity & equality Celebrating differences

1. Multicultural Britain
2. What is your identity?
3. Nature vs nurture
4. The Equality Act 2010
5. Breaking down stereotypes in society
6. Prejudice & discrimination
7. Challenging Islamophobia

Rights, responsibilities & British values Politics & parliament

1. Why is politics important?
2. How is our country run?
3. Creating a political party
4. Elections and campaigning
5. Political debates and parliament
6. Exploring inside parliament


Health & wellbeing Physical health & wellbeing

1. Health and wellbeing
2. What is mental health?
3. Positive body image
4. Child abuse
5. Types of bullying
6. Healthy eating and cholesterol
7. Stress management 

Staying safe on & offline Dangers in society online & offline

1. County Lines - what is it? 
2. County Lines - who is at risk?
3. Substance misuse
4. Online safety - cyber bullying
5. Grooming - boys and girls
6. Child exploitation and online protection.

Relationships & sex education Identity, relationships & sex education

1. Intro to RSE
2. Healthy relationships
3. Dealing with conflict
4. Sexual orientation
5. Gender identity
6. What is love?

Life beyond school Proud to be me

1. Employability skills practice
2. Proud to be me & careers
3. Career interests & job ideas
4. Self esteem & the media
5. Labour market information
6. Exploring careers

Celebrating diversity & equality LGBTQ+ explored

1. What is LGTBQ+?
2. Homophobia in school and society
3. Supporting those who are LGBTQ+
4. Challenging homophobia
5. Transphobia
6. Coming out

Rights, responsibilities & British values Law, crime & society

1. Desert island living
2. Desert island - building a community
3. Desert Island - making decisions
4. Criminals, law and society
5. Law making in the UK
6. Prisons, reform and punishment.


Health & wellbeing

Body confidence

1. Self esteem changes
2. Homophobic/biphobic/transphobic bullying
3. Dealing with grief & loss
4. Media & airbrushing
5. Cancer prevention & healthy lifestyle 

Health & wellbeing

Mental health & wellbeing

1. Child abuse CSE
2. Screen time & safe use of mobiles
3. Common types of mental health
4. Self harm
5. Suicide (thoughts & feelings)
6. Promoting emotional wellbeing

Staying safe on and offline

Legal & illegal drugs

1. Introduction to drugs.
2. Different types of addictions
3. Drugs - cannabis products.
4. Drug classifications
5. Party drugs
6. Illegal drugs
7. Volatile substance abuse

Relationships & sex education

Sex, the law

& consent

1. Sexual consent and the law
2. FGM and the law
3. Delaying sexual activity
4. Why have sex?
5. Relationships and partners

Life beyond school

Essential life skills

1. From failure to success
2. First aid lesson
3. The importance of happiness
4. What is anger?
5. Saving & managing money
6. Employment & financial management
7. Social media & online stress

Rights, responsibilities & British values

Combating extremism 

1. Conspiracy theories and extremism
2. Extremism
3. What is terrorism?
4. Proud to be British.
5. The radicalisation process
6. Counter terrorism
7. Anti-semitism


Staying safe on & offline

Violence, crimes & seeking safety

1. Honour based violence
2. Forced marriages
3. Online gambling
4. Social media validation
5. Keeping data safe
6. Modern day slavery
7. Causes of knife crime

Relationships & sex education

Warnings, relationships & sex education

1. Body image & self esteem
2. Healthy relationships
3. Consent
4. Sex & the bits no one talks about
5. Pornography

Life beyond school

Rights and responsibilities

1. Instagram generation
2. Targeted advertising & your data
3. Marriage
4. Rights & responsibilities
5. Consumer rights.
6. Employment rights
7. Exploring a paycheck
8. Careers unit
9. CV writing
10. Writing a personal statement

Celebrating diversity & equality

Exploring world issues

1. International organisations
2. Brexit
3. Aid & supporting other countries
4. Fairtrade
5. Peace, war and conflict
6. Women’s rights and equality
7. Me too and times up movement

Rights, responsibilities & British values

Exploring British values

1. Critical thinking & fake news. What is a cult?
3. Exploring Britishness & British values
4. LGBTQ+ rights and British values
5. What are human rights?
6. Exploring human rights

Health & wellbeing

First aid unit

1. Coping in an emergency
2. Communication & casualty care
3. Primary survey
4. Choking
5. Asthma
6. Fainting
7. Bandages and slings
8. Mental health
9. Recovery position
10. CPR11. AED


Health & wellbeing

Adult health & looking after yourself

1. Organ donation & blood donation
2. Teenage pregnancy choice
3. Abortion laws, morals & ethics
4. Testicular & prostate cancer
5. Cervical, breast & ovarian cancer
6. Parenthood
7. Love & abuse
Staying safe on & offline

Staying safe

1. Virtual reality & live streaming
2. Drugs NPS3.
3.Festivals, drugs and nitrous oxide
4. War on drugs
5. Cosmetic surgery
6. Drugs & substance addiction
7. Online reputation & digital footprint.

Relationships & sex education

Sexual health unit

1. Peer on peer bullying
2. Impacts on fertility
3. Alcohol & bad choices
4. Importance of sexual health
5. Revisiting contraception
6. Revisiting STI’s
7. Respect & relationships

Life beyond school

Your future and beyond

1. Time management
2. LGBTQ+ rights across the world
3. Exam stress & relaxation
4. Insta life vs real life
5. Post 16 applications (PS16)
6. Mock interviews