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Please use the contact form to contact one of our receptionists, Mrs Flynn and Miss Peberdy and they will forward your message to the appropriate member of staff.


The office is open for telephone calls, Monday - Friday, 8.00am - 4.00pm (term time)

Telephone: (01530) 242351

Email: office@southcharnwood.org

Address: South Charnwood High School, Broad Lane, Markfield, Leicestershire, LE67 9TB 


Should you have a concern which you consider to be a safeguarding issue, please use the Safeguarding/Contact form below or telephone Mr Reading (Safeguarding & Vulnerable Pupils Manager) on the school number above. 


Headteacher: Andrew Morris                           

Deputy Headteachers: Abigail Lear, Simon Andrews

Assistant Headteacher: Kathryn Juszkiewicz      

Business Manager: Alistair Keates  

Contact form

To report a child with a positive Covid 19 test result please go to the 'Positive Covid 19 Report Form' found under the contact us tab.

Safeguarding/Concern Contact Form

Please use this form to send a message directly to Mr Jonathan Reading, Safeguarding & Vulnerable Pupils Manager, in complete confidence. It is school policy to reply to concerns within 48 hours, however an immediate response cannot be guarnteed when contacting us via email.


Please click below to report your child as absent due to a positive PCR Covid 19 test result.


We require a copy of the positive PCR test result to be sent to the school office. It can be attached to the reporting form below.