Encouraging excellence, valuing people

Brecon Beacon Trip

Monday - A little walking to start our adventures, into the night.       

Tuesday: Canoeing and gorge walking. Fun and smiles from everyone.

Tuesday Evening awards were given as follows 

The Jester from Leicester Award

(Keeping spirits high! Making people smile when morale is down.)


Nominations - Leon, Josh H, Harry G, Sam T.

Winner - Sam T

King or queen award

(A true leader, looks after everyone but also leads the pack, shows them not to be scared.)


Nominations - Izzy Ava

Winner - Ava

The Oscar

(all rounder of the day, shows not to give up, helps everyone, digs deep.)


2 winners - Laila and Morag

The Paddington Bear award

(Determination. "A good bear never gives up!")


Nominations - Joel, Daisy A & Cherry.

Winner - Joel 


Wednesday note from Miss Newman:


"Everyone is having a great time. Please be patient with photos. Group leaders and instructors are taking photos, however it is difficult as they are either in water or have no Wi-Fi. Pupils are having a great time. All smiles, lots of learning no tears, no missing home. We are having the best time, parents and school should be proud of what each and everyone of these year 9s are achieving, I am so proud of them all."

Thursday. No rain but a lot of water.